We are looking for companies, educational facilities and other organizations that may have personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies and other needed resources that could be used in the state’s response to the COVID-19 emergency.

This site is also for collecting information about manufacturers, facilities, and other suppliers that are looking to assist the State of Wisconsin during this time. If you have a non-PPE resource you would like to offer to the state, you may do so by selecting the appropriate “Offer Type” using the drop down box below, then entering information using the “Other” field.

The state appreciates donations and is willing to reimburse for large quantities of PPE at fair market value. Please fill out the below form if you have the specific items listed below. If you have less than 50 of any of the below items, please consider donating directly to local health care organizations.

This site is not for organizations that need PPE or supplies. It is for organizations that have PPE and other resources who are looking to donate, manufacture or sell it to the State of Wisconsin. We are actively monitoring the ongoing scarcity of PPE across the state and continue to try to meet the most pressing demands as we can.

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Items To Donate or Sell

For the items you wish to donate or sell please enter the quantity and verify if the item is past its expiration date.

N-95 Particulate Respirator

Face/Surgical Mask (adult, pediatric)

Gloves (Nitrile, Vinyl or Butyl)

Isolation Gown

Face Shield

Surgical Gown (small , large, xl, xxl)

Tyvek Coveralls


Foot Coverings


Delivery/Pickup Address (for Donations or Buyback only)