COVID-19 Testing Supplies: Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

The transport of COVID-19 testing supplies and specimens may be delayed over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (11/26/2020). FedEx and UPS do not deliver on Thanksgiving or on Sundays. Both companies are already experiencing heavy volume due to holiday shopping. As we move beyond Thanksgiving into December, we expect additional holiday delays as well as delays due to inclement weather.

With this in mind, place your orders as soon as possible to allow extra time for delivery of testing materials. Specifically, nursing homes and assisted living facilities should place their orders for their next two weeks of testing. We also encourage you to contact your specific lab for information on their pickup policies over the holiday.

The chart below shows projected delivery delays.

Order Date

Time Order is Submitted

Projected Delivery Date

Tuesday, 11/24


Friday, 11/27 or Monday, 11/30

Tuesday, 11/24

4 p.m.

Monday, 11/30

Wednesday, 11/25

4 p.m.

Wednesday, 12/2

Please keep in mind that the dates provided above are estimates and are subject to change based on carrier capacity. For questions related to your testing needs or more specific lab instructions, please contact the COVID Testing Customer Outreach team.

This website is for healthcare providers only. If you are an individual experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please visit for more information and COVID-19 screening.

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Terms of Acceptance of Specimen Collection Supplies and Laboratory Services

As a condition of receiving COVID-19 testing specimen collection supplies and/or laboratory services at no cost from the State of Wisconsin, you agree to:

  • Use and administer the specimen collection supplies and laboratory services only in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, authorizations, and guidance ("Applicable Law");
  • Have specimens collected by qualified personnel using proper procedures;
  • Ensure that personnel collecting specimens are trained in proper collection procedures;
  • Order laboratory services for such specimen in compliance with all Applicable Law;
  • Have laboratory services ordered only by authorized health care professionals;
  • Communicate results of COVID-19 tests in compliance with all Applicable Law; and
  • Obtain all necessary consents and authorizations from patients to perform laboratory services and release the results of those services to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) or its designees.
  • Order only the supplies and/or related laboratory services necessary to meet your needs over the next 7-14 days.
  • Account for unused supplies and report to the State upon its request. Unused supplies must be allocated to a future test plan within 14 days; the State reserves the right to have unused supplies returned to the State.

You also agree not to:

  • Bill third parties for the specimen collection supplies and laboratory services; or
  • Use the specimen collection supplies and laboratory services to provide COVID-19 testing services to State of Wisconsin government entities, including but not limited to universities in the University of Wisconsin System, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the DHS or the Wisconsin Department of Administration.