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Wisconsin COVID-19 Collection Supply Return


We are currently accepting returns of unused and unopened testing supplies and kits. These supplies will be re-allocated across Wisconsin, as needed.

Return Process: After your request is submitted you will be contacted to verify supply return amounts and shipping materials (if applicable). Pre-paid shipping labels and shipping supplies (if requested) will be mailed to you.

Criteria for returning Supplies:

  • BinaxNOW Kits must be: 1) Stored in 35.6° – 86° degree F (2-30° C) conditions; 2) Unused and unopened; 3) Not expired.  The expiration date can be found on the outer package.
  • All other Test Kits and Supplies must be unopened and unused. The opened supplies should be used by the facility or disposed of properly.

Unused Supplies Eligible for Return:

  • Exact Sciences Test Kits (1 Kit = 1 Test)
  • BinaxNOW Test Kits (1 Kit = 40 Tests)
  • Covid Connect/DTRA Labels
  • Coolers, Small
  • Coolers, Large
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Exact Sciences Test Kit

BinaxNOW Test Kit

Supplies provided by the following labs can also be returned. Each Lab will contact you directly with return information.

  • Accelerated Lab Test Supplies
  • Fulgent Lab Test Supplies
  • Mako Lab Test Supplies
  • Molecular Lab Test Supplies
  • Noah Lab Test Supplies
Contact Information
Shipping Information
Enter the Organization and Address that the supplies will be shipped from. A pre-printed shipping label will be provided based on this address.


Supplies to Return
  • 1 BinaxNOW Kit contains 40 tests and a bottle of reagent. Each BinaxNOW Kit = Quantity: 1
  • 1 Exact PCR Kit contains 1 Test. Each Exact PCR Kit = Quantity: 1
  • Please follow the same pattern for each of your additional return requests.

Do not open your kits to count the tests inside, as they will no longer be available for return due to being opened.


If you have supplies from one of the Labs listed below, please select the Checkbox next to the Lab.
The Lab will contact you directly to discuss your Supply Return.

Shipping Materials

If you require Boxes to facilitate this Return, Check the Box below. The number of return boxes will be determined when you are contacted to verify return amounts.

Additional Notes